New horizons for Elena

Photo of Elena Grinshteyn

“…seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone.”

Dr. Seuss

One fond memory I will hold onto from my last five years with the Heritage Group is of the ever-smiling face of Elena Grinshteyn. Sadly, Elena is moving on from the Heritage Group to other responsibilities.

In fact, she has quite a history of moving. Elena and her husband Konstantin came to Canada 13 years ago from Israel, where they lived for over 16 years after leaving the former Soviet Union. Elena graduated from University in Israel, majoring in Economics and Computer Science, and then worked at a financial department of ORT Israel. Philanthropy and fundraising were all new concepts for Elena when she accepted her first job in Canada as a Development Coordinator for Friends of Ralph Connor House, a nonprofit organization established by University Women’s Club of Winnipeg. In this position, surrounded by Canadian history and amazing ladies who believed in change and generosity, Elena realized that this was a new career path she wanted to take.

Now, with over six years at RRC, Elena has moved through several different positions and currently oversees the Awards and Annual giving programs. But it was in her first year that she was assigned to work with the Heritage Group. Her task: make sure that the group feels connected and stays engaged in RRC’s life. Fortunately for us, Elena considered the HG a true bonus to a busy workload: both a joy and an amazing opportunity to learn about the College, Winnipeg, and Canada. Of course, we thought she was amazing too. Not only did she succeed in keeping us connected and engaged, she did so in a joyful way that made us feel valued and respected.

Outside of work Elena is a busy mother of two amazing young girls, Anastacia (13) and Alesia (8), whom she is helping to become successful, passionate young ladies. Elena loves nature, sea, summer and dance.

Elena is very happy to welcome Laura Sinclair as a part of the development team. The HG will now be Laura’s responsibility, and Elena had an opportunity to mentor her to share the same joy in working with the group.

“Thank you so much for making me always feel welcomed and a part of your family, it was an amazing experience. I had an opportunity to learn so much history of RRC, your shared experience and knowledge often helped to maneuver delicate situations. I know you will keep generating more interest with all retirees and will keep helping RRC to move towards success.”


Photo of Leslie Walsh

Elena you have been more to us than the RRC liaison. You have become our friend.  I will miss you terribly but know that I will still be able to see you at RRC functions.  Elena, you definitely kept us all connected and feeling that we still belong at RRC.  Your support to the Heritage Group has been invaluable. I so appreciate your sense of professionalism and at the same time your sense of mischief and fun.  You are a true, caring human being who has immersed herself in her job and shows that she enjoys it.  Hope to see you soon, my friend!


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