No Meetings. No Zooming.

Happy New Year all. 

I am wishing for a healthy, happy and COVID free 2022 for you and your families.  

Due to the meeting restrictions that have been imposed as a result of the OMICRON variant our Heritage Group meeting for January 20, 2022 has been cancelled.  This is so disappointing but necessary.  

We will not have a zoom meeting either. I was looking forward to us meeting Fred Meier in person and hearing about the future direction of Red River Polytech as well as an update on activities. 

Also, Laura isn’t with us anymore so we don’t have a dedicated person to do all the setup and monitoring required to do a Zoom meeting. Linda Caldwell informs me that someone will be hired to replace Laura; in fact, 2 people will be hired to do the job that Laura did!  I sure miss her.

We won’t have a social outing in February as it is too tentative with restrictions and booking a venue.  Fingers crossed that we can meet in March.  I will keep you posted.  

If any of you know of members who do not get email or have access to the blog would you please inform them of the cancellations.

In the meantime, stay warm and stay as healthy as you can.  

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  1. It is too bad but we need to do what we can to stay safe. We got our booster shot but that doesn’t give 100% protection. Hope all have a safe holiday time. Best of the season to all and happy new year for 2022.

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