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Not all obituaries or death notices for RRC retirees or their family members get posted in our Heritage Group blog. Why is that?

Well, for one thing, we don’t hear about them all. Often, an HG member will email a notice to the HG blog editor who will then post it in the Passages category. Most announcements are edited for length and consistency before they make it to the blog and newsletter.

But not all emailed notices will necessarily get posted. There have been exceptions, but we typically only record the passing of HG members and their spouses. When in doubt, your HG blog editor will consult with the HG Chair or other members before posting.

Also, comments can be submitted directly from the blog to be attached to any post. Those too are often edited, at the editor’s discretion. We try to avoid publishing information that may be too personal or embarrassing.

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The HG blog is intended to be a forum for members to share information and items of interest. To that end, we also make every attempt to keep it an open forum and to stimulate interest and conversation. So, please, make your opinions known on this or any other section of the blog by posting comments. It is, after all, your blog. Let us share your thoughts.

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