RRC Polytech Glossary

A review of the RRC Polytech Glossary (an official list of terms and language used at RRC) occurs semi-annually in April and October. Now, our readers may remember that the HG cancelled its subscription in protest last year, after every single one of its submissions to the glossary […]

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April 21 HG Meeting Update

Hello Heritage Group Members! As RRC Polytech’s new Development Officer – Donor and Stakeholder Relations, I am excited to announce that the next Heritage Group meeting will be in-person at RRC Polytech’s Notre Dame Campus. I am looking forward to meeting you! I am also happy to let […]

Death and Taxes*

Scammers are adding cybercrime to that list especially during tax season. While you’re busy organizing your numbers for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), cyber crooks are busy looking for the next person to make their victim.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

YAHOO! We are finally going to meet, 9:30 April 21 in the North Gym for our annual meeting.  It has been way too long. Attached for your review and reference are the following documents: Meeting agenda Minutes from the last meeting in October Constitution, revised January 2021 Looking […]

How does it feel?

People have been asking (since our editor posted Like in Rolly Stone), whether Mick Jagger really named the greatest rock band of all time after Dave Williamson’s 1959-60 cartoon character from The Manitoban. In the words of Mark Twain, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” And the backstory to […]

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