WEBUCATION: Beyond Zoom Zoom

So I was sharing last week what a godsent Zoom (or your digi-communication-tool of choice) is for us to stay connected. Then today I read this great article in the Observer (online, of course) on how polymaths will inherit the earth (especially if they’re meek). Reading about all […]

Are you eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

Sign up and be notified when you become eligible, and where to get the vaccine. The Manitoba government has prioritized vaccine eligibility so that those most at risk get it first. They are updating the eligibility and timelines so often, it can be hard to keep up. Physicians […]

Zoom Zoom!

C.A.R.P. (formerly aka the Canadian Association of Retired Persons) encourages us to use communications technology more to help cope with COVID isolation. Bill VanGorder, C.A.R.P. ‘s chief policy officer, sees communications technology as a key resource, and urges families to use every technology tool available – voice calls, […]

People’s Changing Lives

Today I was again thumbing through Dave Williamson’s 2012 illustrated history of RRC, Changing People’s Lives. So many memories, but—sorry Dave—so many gaps. The book does mention Dave’s 2001 anointing as “Prince of Princess” . But that rather disingenuous footnote masks a darker little secret. To a little […]

You kill, eh Lee?

You just can’t keep some people down. Leslie Walsh alerted me to a cheery article in yesterday’s Free Press that featured not one, but two infectiously buoyant RRC alumni. The first was my favourite former RRC Governor and 2006 Red River Rebel Rider, Bev Watson. The second was […]

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