by Pat McDonnell

The government is going to review our pensions. For the first time ever Pallister has indicated his interest in converting our defined benefit plan (a guaranteed pension based on salary and years of service) to a plan that more closely resembles a contribution plan (plan participants are exposed to risk).  There will be no public hearings on proposed changes.

I’m suggesting we all do the following:

  1. Check the information on the MGEU website ( ) and read the latest information and listen to the discussion.  Besides the information there, for a super report on Manitoba pensions click on the link to the CCPA paper written by Hugh MackenziePensions in Manitoba: What’s Working, What’s Not, What’s a Solution, What’s Not“.
  2. Contact the Pension Commission (the link is under the heading “Here’s how to send your message“) and state your objection to the changes. This has to be done prior to FEB 21st.
  3. Contact your MLA and register your opposition to interference with your pension (contact info is on the government website.)

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