HG Saves Retired Chair’s Life

Guy Dugas never imagined that a simple Heritage Group blog post about food allergies would save his life. But that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago when an after-yoga stop at a local bar almost turned deadly.

“I just knew something was off, really off…”

Fortunately, Guy remembered a January HG blog post that warned of skulls in glass pitchers.

OK, perhaps the HG hasn’t really saved Guy’s life. Maybe you’re not feeling off either. But we’d like you to answer a simple question: “Why is the Heritage Group important to you?”

We are asking for two particular reasons:

  1. we’d like to make members aware that they can submit their own comments to this blog, and
  2. we’d like to know.

You can attach your thoughts to any blog post by simply typing in the comment box at the bottom of every page and providing your name and email address. That’s it!

Tumisu / Pixabay

So please, let us know what you like about the Heritage Group, not just the blog.

Let me give you a feel for what we’re seeking:

“it’s great to connect with all these former employees, many of whom I knew little about before retirement, in a friendly and stimulating environment.”


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  1. Very amusing Guy! Have no glass pitchers if we’re smart in our more senior years! I love the newsletter. It’s interesting and keeps us in touch. The Newsletter is wonderful. Material is always interesting and allows us to remain somewhat involved with RRC, people where we worked during our lives.

  2. Ha, ha, will definitely stay away from skulls in glass pitchers Guy

    I love the camaraderie and the educational aspect of the Heritage Group.

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