Shenanigans and Malarkey Were Everywhere

Heritage Group St. Pat's luncheonAgainst a background of shamrocks and green as far as the eye could see, the Heritage Group held a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on March 16th.  This fundraising event was catered free of charge by the Riverwood Square Retirement Centre on Pembina Highway and, as a result, the Heritage Group raised in excess of $800 for the Heritage Group Student Award Fund.

Shamrock cupcakesSome 45 “Irish for the Day” HG members, friends and family were treated to such authentic Irish dishes as corn beef and cabbage sliders, Irish stew, Irish coleslaw, colcannon, Irish soda bread and shamrock cakes. The delicious food was topped off with a selection of Irish beer and wine, and for the “teetotallers”, a tasty green punch.

Several Irish-themed door prize draws were won by lucky HG members. However, the best of the prizes was a pair of Winnipeg Jets tickets and a gourmet dinner for 8 people donated by Riverwood Square.  The money gained from selling raffle tickets on these two special prizes contributed to the $800 raised that day.

One of the charming parts of the day was seeing so many people dressed in green and garnished with a variety of Irish regalia… it was abundantly clear that, regardless of people’s actual cultural heritage, they were Irish that day!

By the amount of chatter, laughter and story-telling going on that day it was evident that there was a lot of “blarney” about, and that a good time was had by all.  Those in attendance would probably agree with the old Irish saying:

“There are only two kinds of people in the world… the Irish… and those who wish they were”

Image of Irish toast, "Slainte"

* Sláinte is a variation of the Irish Gaelic toast sláinte mhaith or good health

Thank you to the social committee for another great event!

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