Another Year… Another Fun St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon

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Photo of Irish stew

For the third year in a row Heritage Group members have held a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon filled with food, fun and shenanigans!

This year’s event was held at the Prairie’s Edge Restaurant in Kildonan Park and the 30 Heritage Group members in attendance agreed that the chef and servers outdid themselves with both the meal and the service. The food was plentiful and included such appropriate dishes as potato and leek soup, Irish stew, pork loin with Guinness glaze, cabbage with bacon and rum raisin rice pudding. No-one went home hungry.

Photo of door prizes

As in the past, there was a draw for several Irish-themed door prizes, and the winners seemed happy with their choices (especially the winners of the Guinness beers and Irish liqueurs!). Attendees chatted and laughed with their fellow diners for some time and when the event organizers needed to speak to the group, Gord McBean was ready with his bodhran (Celtic drum) to get everyone’s attention.

The event ended with a questionnaire about Ireland… some questions were easy… some not so easy… a
few of the questions are included below… see how you do.

This will be our last St. Patrick’s Day luncheon as a decision was made at the last Heritage Group
meeting to move the event to February. So get ready for our first St. Valentine’s Day luncheon in
February of 2019!

Irish Trivia Questions

  1. What Irish city is known for its crystal?
  2. What Irish county shares its name with a fictional TV doctor form the 1960s?
  3. What nationality was St. Patrick?
  4. Why was March 17th chosen as the date to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  5. Where was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade held?
  6. What American brought traditional Irish dancing to a world-wide audience?
  7. What Irish county gives its name to a terrier with a bluish tinge to its fur?
  8. Who was the famous Irish actor who played Lawrence of Arabia?
  9. What Irish playwright was imprisoned for homosexuality in the late 19th century?
  10. Why is the shamrock a symbol of Ireland and associated with St. Patrick?
(Photos by Gord McBean)

(Trivia answers: 1. Waterford; 2. Kildare; 3. English; 4. Believed date of St. Patrick’s death; 5. New York City in 1762; 6. Michael Flatley with Riverdance; 7. County Kerry; 8. Peter O’Toole; 9. Oscar Wilde; 10. St. Patrick used it to teach about the Christian Trinity)

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