Staff Changes at Red River College

Issued by Paul E Vogt at 12:50, January 25th.

This week we made a very significant reduction to our management structure, similar to reductions that have been made across the public sector in Manitoba.   The number of senior management positions in the College was reduced 15%, from 67 to 57.

This was a very difficult step for us to take, resulting in the departure of valued members of our staff.  Although we made every effort to reduce positions through vacancy management, six individuals are directly affected by the reduction.

I want to say, first, that these are individuals who have made strong contributions to Red River, and I know their work and their commitment is respected by those who worked with them on a daily basis and throughout the College.  They were good friends as well as good colleagues to many at RRC.  They will be missed.

I also want to say that the decisions on the ten positions were exceptionally hard to make and were not taken lightly.  They were not based on individual performance but on our ability to absorb reductions in management and still maintain the capacity to deliver quality education programs and meet the goals in our Strategic Plan.

With an organizational change of this size, there will be changes in assignments and responsibilities affecting staff throughout the College.  The transition will be ongoing over the next few weeks.  Team meetings will be held in the areas where structural changes are planned and one-on-one meetings will be scheduled for individuals with new duties.  In the interim, if there are any issues or question that you have, I encourage you to speak with your immediate supervisor.

With a change like this there is also an impact on each of us personally.  We are sorry to see valued colleagues leave and the resulting transitions in work responsibilities can add an element of personal stress.  I hope we can work through these challenges in a way that is open and patient and reflects our shared commitment to moving the College forward.

If you would like confidential counselling and support, you can contact the Employee Family Assistance Program at or at 1.877.207.8833.

I am also available to have individual conversations about these changes and any other issues at the College.


List of Eliminated Positions

Academic Division

  • Dean, Indigenous Education (vacant)
  • Dean, Teaching Innovation, Excellence & Research
  • Research Chair, Transportation & Manufacturing (vacant)
  • Director, Continuing Education

Strategic Development Division

  • Vice President, Strategic Development (vacant)
  • Director, Research and Planning

Finance and Administration Division

  • Director, Campus Planning (vacant)
  • Director, Staff Learning & Development
  • Discrimination and Harassment Officer
  • Workplace Equity and Diversity Coordinator

January 26 Staff News Update

In the meantime, below is a list of who to contact in the event you are working on projects with one of the affected areas and have operational and other questions.

Christine Watson,, 204-632-2380

Continuing Education:
Rae-Ann Thibeault,,  204-632-2914
Kirk Johnson,, 204-949-8377

Research and Planning:
Mike Krywy,, 204-632-2330

Staff Learning and Development:
Melanie Gudmundson,, 204-632-3079

Discrimination and Harassment:
Jeanne Downing (Intake inquiries),,  204-632-2498
Lindsay Allan (all other inquires),, 204-632-2329

Workplace Equity and Diversity:
Melanie Gudmundson,, 204-632-3079

If there are any other issues or questions that you have, please speak with your immediate supervisor or talk to your executive director.

This is a difficult time for our College community as the changes impacted co-workers and friends. If you would like confidential counselling and support, you can contact The Employee Family Assistance Program at 1-877-207-8833.

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