The End of the Long Dash

All good things…

It seems like only yesterday that I posted The Beginning of the Long Dash. Sadly, after the more than 80 years of National Research Council beeps and tones, today’s 1 p.m. ET. long dash marked CBC’s last.

Fortunately, we’re still here. And that original call in yesterday’s post (sorry, Nov. 2017’s) for members to contribute their stories, insights, personal profiles, or spicy revelations to our HG Life series is still out there.

Why? Well, to date our blog houses some 135 obituaries, but only 58 HG Life posts. Can get a little depressing.

So, what are you waiting for? If it was the end of the long dash, then it’s time to get writing.

To share a composition with our other retirees, simply email your 300- to 2,400-word piece to HG-Editor@RRC.CA, and the more pictures the better.

Bip, bip, bip… BEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

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