The origins of Red River College athletics

Photo of Kent Morgan

Kent Morgan

Though long retired from RRC, no moss grows under Kent Morgan‘s feet. Still writing a bi-weekly sports column for five Winnipeg community newspapers, his December 3rd installment (posted online in the Canstar Community News at is sure to interest many HG members.

Do the names Dave Komosky, Roy Pollock, Jack Kaplan and June Graham ring a bell? How about RRCC secretarial science student Beverley Boys, named Canada’s female athlete of the year in both 1971 and 1972?

Photo of Beverley Boys

Diver Beverley Boys practising in 1969

Kent’s article chronicles many early highlights of RRCC’s athletic past, such as hosting the 1970 Canadian volleyball championships in our new North Gym and capturing the Winnipeg men’s senior B volleyball championship. That team included captain Bob Edwards, Wayne Christensen, Ron Lowe and Gary Vickery. Or how about Howard Coates who skipped his team of Bob McIntosh, Ken Drysdale and Marc McMunn to the Western Canada Small College curling championship? And let’s not forget the noon-hour South Gym game between the Pickles and Erections that outdrew a visit by then-Premier Ed Schreyer.

Other names you might remember: Rick Thain, Don Troughton, Vic Enns, Tom Clasper, Dwight Evans, Rick Hebert, Stan Keats, Wayne Laniuk, Jerry Zak, Ron PucciTom Kouk, Ken Leishman, Barry Smith, Terry Proctor, Brian Durupt, George Pubben, Dennis Harrisko, Craig Kelman, John Schillinger, Jim Malcolm, Wayne Janz, and Gerry Barron.

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