Two for the price of one

Last month you were treated to Nancy Wheatley’s bio. In that post you learned that your very outgoing Chair, Leslie Walsh, had been replaced by two Co-Chairs.

As promised, the other Co- (Liz Omeniuk) has submitted her bio. Take it away Liz!

Liz Omeniuk, Co-Chair

After four years working in various hospital labs, I began my career at Red River College. It was March of 1976, and I was hired as an educational assistant in the Medical Laboratory Program. Ten years later, I obtained my BSc (in 1986) and began as an instructor that September, teaching in the Med Lab program and Nursing. A few years later I was teaching in Dental Assisting, Animal Health, Chemical and Biosciences, Radiology and Health Records.  In 1996 I received my master’s in education degree.

Over my 34 years at the college, I had been involved in various committees, such as Workplace Health and Safety, College Wellness Committee and College Council. I also was privileged to serve as an instructor representative for the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut region on the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) National committee.

I retired in 2010, the day my first granddaughter was born. I now have two granddaughters. My time at Red River was wonderful! For most of my career I would meet and share coffee or lunch with people from all over the college. Since the Voyageur dining room was always full at lunch, tables were reserved for staff! Then there were lively Christmas parties, one official, and many unofficial (in offices, etc.). And one couldn’t pass up the TGIF socials hosted by various departments. If that wasn’t enough, I organized the first end-of-the-year BBQ in the DEF courtyard, and it became an annual event.

 Since retiring, I have traveled extensively, attended many university and creative retirement courses, and explored many other new pursuits. I have two granddaughters that bring my husband and me endless joy. I continue to be involved in my community, church and my family.

I look forward to serving as your co-chair.

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