United in Effort: Book Launch

The Service Battalion Senate, Inc. is pleased to announce a combat service support history book launch by co-authors Dale M. Watts and Bruce Tascona at McNally’s Grant Park in the Atrium at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 29.

Book Cover: United in Effort - Manitoba Combat Service Support History - 1870 to 2015

Book Cover: United in Effort – Manitoba Combat Service Support History – 1870 to 2015 (by Dale Watts and Bruce Tascona)

United in Effort: Manitoba Combat Service Support History–1870 to 2015 is the first publication to undertake a study of the integral role of logistics and training support in military operations with a specific focus on Manitoba service support units domestically and overseas.

Part 1 traces the evolution of rudimentary to sophisticated logistics operations including the critical role of Camp Hughes, Manitoba is training 60,000 soldiers for overseas service during WW I. Part 2 chronicles the Winnipeg Service Battalion from its formation in 1965 to the present day including its community support during civil emergencies and major events, individual soldier support for peacekeeping operations around the world and participation in the conflict in Afghanistan.

Often under-valued, under-recognized and under-appreciated, these support units have delivered when needed…exemplars of the logistics motto “Service Second to None” and always “United in Effort.”

Bruce Tascona is the author of several military publications, President of the Military History Society of Manitoba and owner of the Manitoba WW I Museum in Pilot Mound.

Dale Watts is a former army reservist and Commanding Officer of 17 Winnipeg Service Battalion as well as the current Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 38 Service Battalion.

Coffee and cookies will be provided. We hope you will be able to attend.

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