WEBUCATION: Beyond Zoom Zoom

Hi. My name is Marie Curie, and I’m a polymath.

So I was sharing last week what a godsent Zoom (or your digi-communication-tool of choice) is for us to stay connected. Then today I read this great article in the Observer (online, of course) on how polymaths will inherit the earth (especially if they’re meek). Reading about all these high-octane generalists like Bill Gates, Newton, and Leibniz —I didn’t know who he was either— it’s tempting to get bogged down thinking, “Hey, a little late at my age to work on becoming another Elon Musk or Marie Curie!”

Though the article posits that many polymaths share the “5-hour rule” (basically, read, read, read), the part that really got my little brain humming was a section titled Polymath Advantage 3. Forget Malcolm Gladwell’s “ten-thousand-hour rule” for mastering anything. Rather, consider Adilyn Malcolm (a more appealing Malcolm) who learned how to dubstep dance in a matter of months (video below). Want to add a valuable new skill to your toolbox? It’s never been easier.

So take it from this old dog, there’s no shortage of new tricks being taught online. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play mahjong or to take up the ukulele, or to make a Red River collage. The Web is your oyster.

And now that I have mastered the dubstep myself, I thought I’d leave you with my favourite dance video. And do send me a video of you dubstepping. I’m sure our fellow HG members would enjoy it too.

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  1. That YouTube is like going down a rabbit hole! The stuff some people put together is mind blowing. Gene Kelly once said that if Fred Astaire was the Carey Grant of dance, he was the Marlon Brando.

  2. Thanks for the distraction Guy. I found this very entertaining. Had to look up the word polymath. Even recognized some of the old time dancers.

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