Wind-Up 2015: CMHR

May 21 photo of glorious morning at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

May 21: Glorious morning at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

This year’s Heritage Group Wind-Up event on May 21st combined a tour of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks. We couldn’t have picked a better day. The sun was shining brightly as some 49 HG members filed into the museum, and was even brighter as 45 of us then walked to the Johnston Terminal for lunch. Perhaps the best way to give a true recap of the event is to post impressions from those who were there.
HG members gathering at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Q: What is your overall impression of the museum?

  • Lynne and I were very impressed with the tour, so much so that we bought the annual pass. We felt that we wanted to see more in a little more detail at our leisure. We found the building and architecture impressive and the displays informative. (John Graeb)
  • Very impressive architecture, expected more artifacts, heavy on electronic interactive displays  a huge building could contain a lot more displays. (John J Reimers)
  • I thought it was more of an interpretive centre than a traditional museum. Really made you think. (Gail Mireau)
  • Great architecture; welcome in various languages was so unique. I didn’t expect the extensive walking to the various levels. The emphasis on reading and interactive technology somewhat daunting to a technology-challenged individual. The lack of emphasis on artifacts is disappointing despite the explanation. (Naomi Krasovec)
  • It is a tremendous engineering and architectural achievement, but there appear to be parts of it that are unfinished. I know the guide said that was intentional, but I guess I expected more for the $260 million+ that went into the construction of the building. As someone who volunteers at a museum, I expected more artifacts (but maybe I’m old-fashioned). Our guide said the displays were 75% technology and 25% artifacts. I purchased a membership and intend to return, but the exhibits were underwhelming at first sight for the most part. Further, the tour was to start at 10:00 and finish at 11:30. It did not start until at least 10:15 which meant we had less time to view each of the exhibit areas. (Dale Watts)
  • I liked the extended metaphor of darkness into light into darkness, etc. and the overall design. (Kevin Longfield)

What single part of the tour most impressed you?

  • Garden of Contemplation

    Garden of Contemplation

    The single part that most impressed me was the use of technology to communicate ideas; and a close second was the use of light to impart a feeling. (John Graeb)

  • The Garden of Contemplation impressed me most. Not only the design but being able to have such a beautiful space to reflect on the exhibits throughout the day. (Gail Mireau)
  • Not one thing, just the whole design, so unique. (Naomi Krasovec)
  • The parts of the tour that impressed me most were probably the holocaust area and the largest gallery where individuals told their stories of oppression, incarceration, racism, etc. The Garden of Contemplation was interesting as well, although I probably would have added a gentle waterfall, some greenery, and perhaps a few living creatures like colourful fish. However, it could be the museum planners wanted an area with no movement (and no life) at all. (Dale Watts)
  • I was most impressed with the interactive nature of the exhibits. (Kevin Longfield)

What would you like to share about this museum/lunch event?

  • I enjoyed the museum tour and the meeting with colleagues for lunch afterwards. It was well-planned. Unfortunately, we are getting old and that is a long walk inside. (John Graeb)
  • Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory

    Lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory

    Tour was a bid rushed for old folks like us, long walks from one floor to the other needed more time to see it all

  • Great selection of restaurants, nice menu, good food and outstanding company. All in all a great, well organized event.  I enjoyed this outing . Thanks for organizing this. (John J Reimers)
  • Many thanks to the organizers. We now have our couples memberships at the CHRM and are looking forward to other HG events. (Gail Mireau)
  • One really needs to go back and take the time to look again; great opportunity to finally see what the hoopla was all about always good to see friends and colleagues again! The Spaghetti Factory was an excellent choice. It was wonderful that the Heritage Club chose this as one of their events – thanks to Elena for all her efforts!  (Naomi Krasovec)
  • The event was certainly worth attending, but the tour was probably too short to give us more than a superficial exposure to what the museum has to offer. However, it could be that was intentional to encourage people to return for a more in-depth viewing. (Dale Watts)
  • I am glad that I went, and think that all Manitobans should visit at least once. I’d budget at least three hours, though, and even that is probably not enough time. (Kevin Longfield)
  • Very happy with the choice. (Gail Shimonek)

Thanks to all those who submitted feedback. Any additional comments that trickle in over the next few weeks will be posted as they arrive, and a picture gallery of the event is soon to follow. Consensus seems to be that the event was a roaring success. Kudos to the organizers! This will be a tough wind-up to top.

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