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Photo of Heritage Group CICan Volunteers Gene Semchych, Joan Rew, Guy Dugas, and Leslie Walsh

Heritage Group CICan 2015 Volunteers Gene Semchych, Joan Rew, Guy Dugas, and Leslie Walsh

Your Heritage Group was very present at the 2015 Colleges and Institutes Canada Conference held May 24-26, 2015 at the RBC Convention Centre. At least six of us were on hand throughout the conference filling roles as varied as ambassador, speakers’ room assistant, registration officer, and even conference bag stuffer. We never did get a final count of attendees, but pretty well all 800 of the bags we filled Saturday morning were gone by Monday.

Not only was this event a great opportunity for us to welcome the world (we registered attendees from as far away as China, Vietnam, and Africa), we met colleagues from across the country and reconnected with a number of  old RRC friends.  I even shared a shift with Ray Newman, past President of Red River College, who retired twenty-five (yes, twenty-five!) years ago. How much the college has changed in those 25 years!

There was added cause for celebration when Red River College was presented with the bronze award for Innovation in Applied Research by CICan at the closing gala. Well done, Red River!

Ask any of us (Gene Semchych, Joan Rew, Guy Dugas, Leslie Walsh, Ray Newman, Cynthia Lone) when you see us for a more detailed report of the 2015 conference. It will no doubt be a while before we host CICan again.

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