ZOOM Meeting Minutes: April 8, 2021

DATE: Thursday, April 8, 2021
TIME: 1:00 – 1:40 p.m.
PLACE: The ZOOMasphere

We had 20 visible participants (video turned on) and a few mystery guests (no video).

ATTENDANCE (visible): Gail Shimonek, Ray Neuman, Dale watts, Brenda lesiuk, Guy Dugas, Don Wiebe, Elaine Primeau, Liz Omeniuk, Joan Rew, Mary McIntosh, Karen Wall, Kurt Proctor, Howard R. Engle, Nancy Wheatley, Ron Blicq, Jeff Gill, Dudley Hill, Steven Lipischak, Leslie Walsh.

  • No Formal Agenda was used.  Everyone chit chatted at first. 
  • Guy was our Zoom Host/Master and welcomed everyone into the group.
  • Leslie started the meeting with a few remarks and hoped that the last year and a bit hasn’t been too hard on everyone. 


  • Guy was thanked by Liz Omeniuk and Leslie for doing such an awesome job of keeping us up to date and entertained. 
  • Leslie thanked as well all the members who have contributed stories and memories.  These can be found on the blog (, for those who have not seen them. 
  • Guy invited everyone who has something to contribute to do so.

Email List

  • Laura had suggested that since there were over 560 people on the HG list that some people should be removed due to mailing costs etc.
  • It was decided that anyone who has donated or attended a meeting in the last five years or who has retired in the last 5 years will continue to receive all mailings and emails which is approximately 320 people.
  • Those people who have had no interaction with the group for more than  five years will be made inactive however will continue to receive one mailing/email in September.

Financial Report

  • Laura reported that this was the best year ever for HG contributions.  This year there was $7,000 raised.  She thanked HG members for their generosity.  There were 2 mailings sent out for contributions, instead of the usual one in September.
  • Mary Hayes wasn’t able to attend the zoom meeting but had emailed that she will be meeting with Darlene Funk about the awards and that we have $4,000 for sure to give out.

Social Committee Report:  Karen suggested that one of the first meetings back should be a social get together.

Nominating Committee:

  • Leslie reported that Dorothy Derksen had agreed at the February 2020 meeting to be on the nominating committee as did Steve Lipischak.  Leslie will contact Dorothy about the vacancies for Chair and Vice Chair. 
  • Since things are so uncertain about when we will be able to meet, the executive will continue as is until our AGM.
  • Our first meeting will be the AGM where we will have elections and approve our Constitution.  


  • Leslie reported that she has done nothing about getting speakers as dates are so uncertain at this time. 
  • Gordon Goldsborough has not responded to any emails and apparently is not available on Thursdays, so he will be taken off as a speaker. 
  • Leslie suggested that Fred Meier President of RRC and Katrina Sklepowich Alumni Engagement will be asked to be our first speakers. 
  • As well we have Howard R Engel HG member who has offered to talk on coin and stamp collecting. 
  • Gail also suggested Linda Walker to speak on Friendship Force.  

Member News

  • Leslie went around the zoom room and asked members to tell us what they have been doing during the pandemic. Unfortunately our zoom time stopped while new member Jeff Gill was just starting to speak and Dudley Hill and Steven Lipishak didn’t get an opportunity as well. 
  • At our next zoom meeting Leslie will start with Jeff, Dudley and Steven.
  • We had 2 new members attend their first meeting:  Kurt Proctor and Jeff Gill. Welcome! 
  • It was great to see everyone and to hear what people have been doing during the pandemic.  We agreed we would like to have another zoom meeting. 

POST NOTE:  RRC has agreed to pay for Zoom next time so we will have more time.  We were using Guy’s free zoom.

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  1. Sorry I missed this zoom meeting. It would have been interesting. I could have told you all that I got married again to a very nice lady. I knew Susan when she was a very young girl. She married but her husband passed away many years ago. So now we are very happy together.

    • Congratulations, Don! You can tell us all about it next Zoom meeting, in May. Nice to hear of some happiness during these tough times!

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