ZOOM Meeting Minutes: May 20, 2021

DATE: Thursday, May 20, 2021
TIME: 10:30 – noon (CDT)
PLACE: The ZOOMasphere


Bob Barr, Lucille Canart, Don Carlson, Dorothy Derksen, Guy Dugas, Rose-Marie Floch, Steven Lipischak, Gord McBean, Will Miller, Ray Neuman, Laura Payne, Katrina Sklepowich, Karen Wall, Leslie Walsh. Dale Watts.

Guy, Laura and Leslie welcomed members to the meeting.  We had one new retiree attend, Lucille Canart, and one member, Will Miller, who has been retired for a while and living in Kenora.

Nominating Committee:  Unfortunately Dorothy’s audio was not working, so Steven reported that most people he has talked to about running for Chair and Vice-Chair are not interested.  Dorothy and Steven will continue to work on nominations.  Leslie will continue as Chair until we can meet physically to have our AGM, when elections normally occur.  

Awards:  Laura reported for Mary Hayes that  5 awards of $1,000 were given out from the Heritage Group fund, and an additional $5,000 was awarded to students as a result of Heritage Group donations through the Provincial matching MSBI program.

Guest Speaker:  Laura introduced Alumni Engagement Officer Katrina Sklepowich, who did a presentation on the Alumni.  Katrina is a 2016 RRC Creative Communications grad.  She previously worked with the St. Boniface Foundation.  Involved in many activities, Katrina is also a book reviewer for the Winnipeg Free Press and a volunteer with a dog rescue group. 

Notes on Katrina’s presentation follow at the end of these very informal minutes. Her presentation was interesting and enthusiastic, and well received by the members.    

Member News: Leslie went around the Zoom room and asked members who did not get the opportunity at the last Zoom meeting (or who were absent) to tell us what they have been doing since our in person meeting in January 2020.  We discovered that our members are doing some very interesting things and keeping busy, even getting married!

It was mentioned that John Bell had passed away, and a few of our members who knew John shared memories of him. 

Leslie reminded members that when she learns that one of our members has died, she sends a sympathy card from the Heritage Group to the family.  

Next Meeting:  September 16, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. by Zoom. If we can meet in person, we will use our regular meeting time and send out further details closer to the time.  


Katrina began by indicating that there are a lot of CreComm grads working in her department and how nice it is to work at her alma mater.  

Since COVID, the department has had to pivot to  engage with alumni in response to how the world has changed.

Katrina highlighted some of the new initiatives:

  1. 10, 000 Coffees: In September of 2018, RBC Future Launch partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees to help young Canadians prepare for the future of work. This is a national mentorship program for youth involving alumni, current students, recent grads and almost grads. It has been a huge success within the RRC community. Since its launch, more than 20,000 introductions have been made. The mentors don’t have to be from the same program.
  2. Blueprints for Careers Success: RRC’s Alumni Engagement is highlighting our alumni’s inspiring success stories, exciting career boosters to help alumni reach their career goals faster, and continuing education and mentorship opportunities, all of which will help alumni form their own blueprint for career success. Check out the inspiring career success stories from RRC alumni of different ages, and from a variety of programs and areas (e.g. Sheila North, Nina Widmer).
  3. Microcredential courses: RRC is offering new, online micro-credential courses that align with some of the most desired skills sought by industry. Also known as digital badges, micro-certifications or mini-degrees, they allow employers to see immediate qualifications for the specific skills that they are seeking. Grads are encouraged to submit their contact info on the Micro-credential site, and can even link to a chat for more information.
  4. Coming up: Katrina said right now there are no perks for alumni like using the gym or the library. The alumni office is working on a partnership with alumni businesses for a 10% discount for alumni at those businesses.


  • How can we be involved?
    Send Katrina the names of successful alumni that you would like to see highlighted. A new brand campaign is coming up where alumni will share their success stories. There is a form to fill out.
  • What about Alumni dinners?
    The departments would initiate this with Katrina as a resource. There was no will or manpower to keep the alumni dinners going. Katrina’s goal is to connect with each department to find out what they are doing. Laura said that Katrina is only one person, who has replaced four.
  • And Distinguished Grads?
    Katrina indicated that when things are back to normal, grads will be recognized again through the Distinguished Grads Award.

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