ZOOM Meeting Minutes: September 16, 2021

DATE: Thursday, September 16, 2021
TIME: 10:30 – 11:20 (CDT)
PLACE: The ZOOMasphere

PRESENT: Laura Payne, Karen Wall, Dorothy Derksen, Guy Dugas, Steven Lipischak, Ray Neuman, Dale Watts, Gail Shimonek, John Reimers, Gina and Rudy Fidel (from Florida), Dan Jahns-Kraak, Leslie Walsh.

WELCOME: to all and new member Dan Johns-Kraak. Dan recently retired after 21 years at RRC and worked in the ACE department. Prior to the actual meeting, members chatted amongst themselves.

Leslie reviewed minutes from the planning meeting held on August 19th. Minutes from that meeting are on the blog. Discussion followed.

  1. The October meeting will be at RRC or another venue: Laura indicated that the North Gym will be available for our meetings. We will not be able to use A134 due to social distancing requirements. The North Gym is not available for our October meeting as it is already booked. When we are able to meet there in person we can still have food and coffee. Also we will have to show proof of vaccination. Once we can meet again at RRC, Laura will also incorporate a zoom connection for those that are unable to attend in person.

    Dorothy will check out her building’s common room to see if we can meet in there for the October meeting. The room holds about 40 people and rental is $50. Attendees will have to be double vaccinated. Dorothy will also check about other COVID requirements. We can have coffee and goodies in the room.
  2. The President will not be available for the October meeting to speak with us. Laura will check with the Executive Director to see her availability to update us on what’s happening at RRC. The President should be able to come to a January or February meeting.
  3. Leslie will continue as Chair until April 2022 when the AGM will occur. No one seemed to object.

NOMINATING: Dorothy reported that the main vacancies are for Chair and Vice-Chair. She and Steve have talked and will contact people whose names have been put forward to see if they are interested. There are no social committee vacancies at this time. We are hoping that Mary Hayes will continue as our secretary. She has done an amazing job for many years.

SOCIAL: Karen reported that she is going to organize a Holiday luncheon for November 18. She is looking at Maxime’s restaurant (this was suggested at the future directions meeting on August 19) on St. Mary’s Rd. Since money collection is too difficult at this time, everyone will pay their own bill. There will be a limited group menu with a good variety for everyone, including a vegetarian option at prices from $17 to $19 for the entree. The room can hold up to 36 people. Karen will send the information to Laura to send out to members. Decisions about future outings will be discussed at our October in person meeting.

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