Zoom Zoom!

photo (cropped) by Meridy at Pixabay

C.A.R.P. (formerly aka the Canadian Association of Retired Persons) encourages us to use communications technology more to help cope with COVID isolation.

Bill VanGorder, C.A.R.P. ‘s chief policy officer, sees communications technology as a key resource, and urges families to use every technology tool available – voice calls, video calls, multi-person video meetings.

“Seniors urgently need social interaction and social support networks. Call them and call them often. Hearing someone’s voice helps to connect you with them.”

Echoing VanGrder is Marie-Claire Chartrand of Greywave (an organization that helps families navigate the health and long-term care systems)

“Checking in and calling is the best thing you can do right now.”

Good advice! Some of the tech connections keeping me sane: regular FaceTime with my daughter in Winnipeg and my son in Red Deer, weekly online chess with my once face-to-face buddies from our community centre, Zooming with the Pope and Bears, and many 30-second long distance phone calls from my 3-year-old grandson.

“Hi Grandpa. This is Jacob—long pause—bye Grandpa!”

Read the entire C.A.R.P. article at

And after that, get on your tablet, phone, or CB radio and call someone!

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